Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship's mission is to bring awareness to the benefits of natural living by teaching the integration of this mindset with a therapeutic lense that serves to allow one to live to their highest potential.

Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship's vision is to generate a network of Holistic Living Communicants that are supported by Holistic Healing centers and research institutions that will supply and study natural and spiritual healing modalities and be a source of resource on the balancing benefits of integrating essential oils, holism and a naturalist perspective to self-help and health. This will be accomplished by looking at the natural mechanisms that influence health and wellness and assisting the merge of Eastern, Western, ancient and modern healing modalities using anatomy and physiology information to inform communicants and healers of the human condition. 

Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship's values the naturally occurring energy of the earth and the natural mechanisms that seek to right both nature and man, and seeks to harness this energy in any positive way an individual chooses to express or emote it's effect and power on ones physical and mental state.


"My name is Rev. Jeremy Wood and I have dedicated most of my life to studying the human body and its healing properties via personal, educational and professional experiences. I am an ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner through LifeSpirit Congregation Church and lead communicants on a path of Holistic Living. I also have studied and been bestowed master level attunements of  Usui, Tibetan and Chikara-Reiki-Do Reiki and with my work background in health care and teaching, biology and psychology, I have research and clinical experience in the fields of anatomy, electrophysiology, biochemistry, emergency medicine, behavioral psychology, mental health coaching and substance abuse counseling and Pastoral counseling. I live my life via the human form, so I figured that I might as well try to learn a thing or two about it. What I have found via my studies and my newest adventure in education is that information is empowering and you cannot consciously 'forget' what you've experienced. With these two findings I seek to teach you about the physical being that you reside in and empower you to develop a more vibrant and balanced you. 

When seeking alternatives to pharmacy drugs due to unhealthy side effects, I began building a path to natural health and healing that was available to me to regain health and wellness for myself. Along with yoga and reiki I found a line of essential oils that are made to purity standards that I used to test my chemistry research with and felt could manage some of my symptoms better than pharmacy alternatives. I saw many similarities to the compounds of pharmacy drugs I had been tanking in the past in the recommendations that the oils guide and my mentors recommended for me. This sparked so many thoughts from my research days and I have been intensively studying oils and holistic healing since 2012. After finding a holistic mindset and being off my medications for ADHD and anxiety, I began to seek to teach people about their body and this path I found, instead of finishing medical or chiropractic school that I was enrolled in. From this I developed Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship as non-governmental, faith based organization under LifeSpirit Congregational Church and seek to be a resource for natural health education and Holistic healing.

Research and personal experices can show us that we tend to forget information as it is no longer used or required. With this in mind, the trauma of yesterday and potentiating fear of tomorrow can only exist in the environment that nurtures these thoughts and emotions. By creating a more balanced and vibrant overall being, that is integrating the mind and body, the stress of yesterday no longer takes hold in the prior less educated and resourceful you. By being informed on what you are, I hope to help you construct an environment that is best for nurturing who you are. When you consciously occupy the body, you free the mind. When you resolve your imbalance and stress naturally, healing begins and you become energized and renewed.

Live healthy, get balanced."