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Are your modern clothes and accessories literally squeezing the life out of you? We come into this world screaming, covered in blood and stark naked, yet we spend the rest of our lives calming, covering, “protecting” and cleaning our bodies. Why are we living now in resistance to the worlds natural environment that 200 years ago we literally would have been dropped into, on a dirt floor and into the arms of a grandmother, aunt, educated town elder or whoever the heck was closest to catch the baby and yes even then, likely the father.  When looking at our original presentation and then the look at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years etc, why is it that we become this vehicle for advertisement, materialism and the apparent poise of holding our flesh as weak and secretly sacred? Why do we need to cover our feet from the earth when it is documented that grounding occurs when connecting to the mother and relaxation may ensue? Are not the ancient fields of acupuncture, reflexology and the modern understanding of the reticular theory based in holistic healing via the pressure and pokes on the feet to activate healing centers in the body and mind via the web of connections in the nervous system? Are shoes really that beneficial to use on this planet when they promote the rubber and trash industries; As Nancy Webber said during my ordination class, “where does the belt go after you're done with it?” Where do you recycle this rubber from shoes? Why not accept the energy of the earth to heal us, strengthen our feet and relax the mind via barefoot meditation. Is a belt that merely holds on pants really necessary? With the pressures to be thin and now look a certain way in these pants, what do you think happens when you then use that belt to strap down more than just your clothes, how about your tee-shirt to express your feelings rather than your actions and voice? This resistance at the hips and silence at the lips is not naturally comfortable; we can all feel that at the end of the day with the release of changing into the comfy clothes and beginning our nightly activities after work, as well as the feeling of release after venting to someone about how we feel.  Do you think this compression on your hip joint, gluteal muscles and abdomen promotes natural function and optimum health in these areas? Is the spirit truly nourished when you express yourself via your clothing? Do we find our true partner when we are attracted to the materials they gather rather than the attributes they possess? Shall we step into the visual appearance of clothes as far as people developing branding, worth, class status and cliques? By now it should be apparent to how detrimental this is to our mental health and image of self.  What about a synthetic fiber that the body is not accustomed to feeling on the skin? “Allergies” anyone? What about the chemicals we now have to use to clean these fibers that absorb our bodies waste, oils and sweat? Even then, did we really want to expose our body to our excrement and pathogens when washing our face with the same towel we used for our bottom the day before? Why do we spend our life fighting and resisting this beautiful environment that has provided for our existence for millennia, instead of developing ways to study how the natural energy of the earth provides for us and the ways of harnessing this. Yoga, meditation, essential oils and Young Living’s natural solutions saved me from the near death state I lived in under pharmaceutical and modern medical care. With my path I hope to pay homage to this energy of the earth, and its controller, by living in light and love and spreading the information I gain along my path. It is my mission to find what it truly means to be human, homo sapiens, and research, develop and use the holistic methods that truly nurture the body, mind and spirit; healing me and allowing me to help others live in positivity and love, rising to their highest potential, regardless of what it be relative to the next. Still think you need Ativan, fashion forward pants and a trendy tee to go out and “be ________”? Nah, find an herb, or oil instead, then lose the shoes and clothes, get outside, be wild, and do whatever it is YOU need to be, naturally. 


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