Today, October 1, 2014, marks the official beginning of Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship!! The mission I have is to create a space to nurture peace, love and understanding of who we are as humans, how we are to survive and live on this planet, and what our higher purpose is on this earth. Uniting under Holism, I seek generate a community seeking to help spread the understanding of what it is to live holsticially and naturally by both adapting the daily practices that support your entire being, as well as sharing these ideas and values to all whom seek guidance, restoration or peace via the earth. With a foundation laid, I seek to generate a new understanding of how us humans work and what mechanisms will balance and nurutre us to live to our highest potential. In a world of depression, medication, murder, hate and bigotry, I seek to generate a physical space for peace, hope and healing as well as launch a movement to get back to holistic healthcare by using our body, our land and eachother as our "primary care". Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship is open to anyone seeking to understand, promote or share holistic principles. More information can be found on the website and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported and helped me along this path, so new and foreign to many. I have never been surrouneded by so much peace and positivity and this is only day one. . . join me in living to your highest and best for the rest of your life, its all you have to live anyway!

If you are interested in joining us please send an email or inquiry via the Contact Us page.

Live heathy, Get. . .Balanced By Oils

<3 Rev. Wood


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