It has been quite a while since I have added a new blog post and this is merely for the lack of sitting myself down with enough emotion to put the time into a blog and for that I apologize. It is not easy to express yourself and at times you do so at a risk to shake that feeling you seek when you start typing. Life isn’t about making it; it is about making it out. I have just seen a post of another one of our soldiers that made it through war and came home to fight an internal battle that led him to taking his own life. WHY are there so few supports for these men and women that risk life and limb for us to sit here and ungratefully complain about the tax caps, the restrictions of new legislation or anything for that matter? We as a collective need to resign from living in ego and find the truth to the soul: community, hope, and morality. These three words live so deep within my soul desires that I don’t feel whole without a daily reflection of these three terms. This is no assertion by any means that I succeed at developing or acting out noble or gratuitous actions in my daily life; however, it is the depth to my soul that seeks rational constructs to forming a life with these three pillars as a foundation.

Without too many structured books or entities that are Holism, I seek to make these three words, movements and constructs the foundation for the present and future of Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship. I have traveled 4 of my 10 days on the current tour I am taking of the United States this fall and I have met so many beautiful people from all walks of life. Why? Because I seek to communicate, I seek to ask the questions that others wouldn’t think to. I will reach out and grab a bag for someone else if they drop it and have their hands full, reach out emotionally and hold space for the frantic traveler or the stressed out baby dealing with decompression pains that I know all to well from my past. I have met people from my local areas in New York, business developers from India and farmers from Arizona and now am sitting on a flight to go celebrate the union of my fiancés brother. What more would you want in this life? If it is different, that’s ok. This is MY life. I seek to share my life with YOU so hop on in. Grab a seat and see how it is to fly through days seeking peace, love and connections with like-minded individuals. At no time have I felt judged, misled or ridiculed and have spoken every word from my heart. I know this because there is a feeling within my soul that hasn’t ever been fulfilled and today I feel it. I feel complete, accepted and more at peace with myself than I ever have on this planet. All of this comes with the 1 year “birthday” of BBOHF…wow! I thank you all so much for your support, guidance and love. From the deepest parts of my being, I know that these next years will only propel us from a core group of healers to a network of Holistic lovers and leaders. Lets get out there, get healthy and GET BALANCED!

In gratitude,

Rev. Wood 


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