Today someone called me a master at reef keeping.  

 Though I have only had my saltwater aquarium since 2012,  much has changed throughout the years.  Through the knowledge and experience gained from my successes and failures, I feel as though I have grown alongside this marine ecosystem.  The constant enjoyment I feel as I absorb and practice the ancient arts of biology, chemistry, engineering,and philosophy while maintaining my tidal garden, reminds me that not everyone has a saltwater reef aquarium.  Well THEY SHOULD!!

Let's return to my newly granted title of master reefkeeper.

A master I am by no means.   Apprentice may be a more apt title.  There are just too many lessons to learn, relationships to understand, and opportunities of harmony to realize.  My friend, we'll call her Amy  and I were standing looking at my tank.  She had interest in starting a tank of her own.  I began unloading all that I have learned throughout the years. I talked for what must have an eternity, about fish, corals, lights, sumps, chemistry, biology, ecology, mistakes I have made, goals I have, and other dreams I have.  To my dismay she looked horrified.  I eagerly explained that it is okay, just forget everything I said and get on Craigslist list, buy a tank and put water in it.  Once that is done and you will have overcame the first of many challenges you will encounter.

I have experienced this same scenario with others on several other occasions.  I have slowly realized, that perhaps I should document the reef keeping experience and share it with others.  Why should I have all the fun alone.  I hope to teach, learn, and be inspired right along with you along the path to that of the master reefkeeper!



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