Hello everyone! I wanted to take a minute to introduce the video blog that will be continuing on for Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship! Rooted in the principles and foundation of Edgar Cayce's spiritual insight to healing the mind, body and soul, Holism is said to have started at his birth. Seeking to unite the entire being with nature and natural energy, Holism brings to you the resources to find your higher self and purpose while here in the physical world at the present. By seeking to heal via the most raw forms of nature, the body is brought to balance in a way that stimulates new growth and provides one environment for the entire being in what I would call dynamic positivity. When keeping a clear and focused mental setting, seeking positive change and having a plan as adaptable as the human form, the body will be evolving with the natural resources (plant and animal resources, air composition etc) that have been stable to nurture life on this planet for all of our predecessors.  By uniting nature with the natural healing mechanisms of man and beast, there is no area where growth and positivity is blocked when working in the light of Holism and dynamic positivity. We are all energy. Dynamic, vibrating connections of molecules that seek balance from chaos and may only use the resources we find, provide or accumulate to find our peace. Feed your life with the ultimate strength of pure nutrition, water and mental clarity by seeking the balance that may be present in the world. By building an environment of positive growth and peace, there may be an end to the chaos that is present in the world; that is only if we unite under the light of Holism to build it. Today's update is a brief demonstration of some yoga poses used to integrate the mind and body, induce relaxation, and build strength. The video cuts out some poses at the end but in brief the transitions and focus is on the muscles engaged during each pose and restorative breathing. If a pose is strained you're likely not in the right range of motion for the joint or focusing on the right muscle groups, you will see times I may not move in gross but small changes at the shoulders or hips to move deeper into a pose. Move as you feel inclined to. Start small at the breath and build. My practice started almost two years ago now and it changes daily; however, the relaxation and confidence gained in the extra stretch, hold or reach in a pose that was strained last week, impossible last year or completely unimaginable at the start of your practice is exhilarating. Grab a class, book, video or good friend and begin to fill your mornings and evenings with rejuvenation and relaxation over snooze alarms, happy hours and events of wallowing in your own pitty with inaction to your needs. Seek the peace, light and guidance of nature. The information contained within everything that makes us and is around us is ages and eons old. Nature vs nurture? No! Nurture nature as it nurtures us and this life that we seek. Build peace from within and let it see no bounds. With that I would like to extend this as your invitation to Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship, join in as you wish and bring those who seek the same! 

In light and love, 

Rev. Wood 

Holism Yoga update! 10-10-14

Desktop Yoga Handout


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