Welcome to Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowships Reiki Healing Page! This is an informational page for those seeking to study the theory and physical practices to embrace the benefits of Reiki healing as lifestyle and healing art for personal care and development or by offering this energy to others in need.

Be honest with yourself, these questions will help you find your inner passion for healing and it is with that energy that we all seek to share in life, love and light. 

  • Do I have the desire to learn the ancient healing art of Reiki?
  • Do I feel the pull towards finding a more holistic way of living and being?
  • Do I prioritize health and wellness and wish to learn a way to live more vibrantly to find balance, peace and positivity in your daily life?
  • Do I seek to empower myself and others to live mindful and develop a vibrant path using the natural healing energies accessible in your environment?
  • Did you say yes to any of those questions? Please scroll down and submit your Enrollment Request Form and see the events page for our most up to date course offerings!

Not sure if Reiki healing is a path for you?

Go back to the questions, replace the first two words word of each question with “can I” and ask yourself these questions again.

You made it back here, eh? If you’re still unsure if this course is for you but would like more information on Reiki and how it is incorporated into a holistic lifestyle, contact Rev. Wood to ask any questions and/or book a healing session today to experience the benefits of Reiki yourself!

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 Reiki 2 Practitioner - Weekday
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