The services provided by Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship are that of guidance for a naturally occurring state, shown cross-culturally for generations to support and maintain physical, mental and spiritual wellness. While not meant to replace medical advice or treatment, many clients have found a decrease in symptoms and complications of medical nature while undergoing sessions and regaining a natural living perspective.

"Pay it forward" Healing Fund

A donation to Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship Fund, tax deductible, that will be used to supply others who are not able to afford Holistic sessions*. Your donation will come with a letter of support and special gift from Rev. Wood! (Please select "Yes" to home visit in the form so we can have your most recent address)

*If you wish to gift a session to a specific person and date please book accordingly in the form for that service and use THEIR information for the appointment name YOUR email, phone number and information for the home visit section.

Animal Reiki Healing

Love the benefits of Holistic healing and wellness for you?Allow your animals to receive the natural energy of the earth as well.When booking a session we will show up to your house while you are home or away, and do a reiki healing session for your bald, furry, webbed and even no footed friends!All sessions include a walk and/or play time after sessions.Weekly and Monthly rates may be scheduled as well.Inquiries for rates and information can be submitted on the Contact Us page. 

Holistic Living Guidance

Using peer reviewed literature, ancient and scientific texts, historical documents and testimonials,  client based goals and objectives are developed with activities and a lifestyle that allows for the optimum physical, mental and spiritual functioning of the client.Using our Holistic  practitioners we aim to direct those seeking natural alternatives and options for a new path, or options for those given no treatment or hope; we will do our best to help you find resources to develop a physical and mental environment that brings you to your highest potential.

*Rates include class supplies and travel for 20miles from Glens Falls, NY. Additional supplies and travel rates may be billed separately and can be negotiated. 


As a Usui Reiki practitioner and teacher, Reiki sessions may be exchanged at and 60 and 90 minute increments.Seeking to align the body's underlying energy planes and chakras, physical balance can be restored and mental and spiritual transformation has been noted by clients who undergo sessions.

*Rates include class supplies and travel for 20miles from Glens Falls, NY. Additional supplies and travel rates may be billed separately and can be negotiated. 

Thai Massage

Originating in Thailand, this form of Holistic bodywork is rooted in Eastern healing arts. With a mix of myofascial alignment, joint mobilization, energy balancing and meditative breathing techniques, Thai massage has been spoken to enact naturally occurring mechanisms that help promote vitality in the body. 

Therapeutic Yoga

Using movement and supportive body positions and postures, the common pathways of the nervous system the entire body may be treated and balanced by waking up "strumming the nerves" and activating the body's inate healing mechanisms to restore homeostasis and release the body from states of disease.Restorative movement may provide help to those living through trauma and seeking to restore healthy mind-body connections.Offering 60 and 90 minute sessions clients may relax and enjoy the aromas of essential oil therapy and crystal balancing as well, if desired.