Here at Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship we have a strong network of healers, movers and shakers in the Holistic and natural wellness realms. We also support many causes and feel that if money is to be spent and traded for goods and services, that we should patron local sources and support local causes. On this page you will find many of our partnerships, information on healers in our network, and possibly your area, as well as ways to support those in our network and community. Please feel free to share this page in any public form in its original format and submit any requests for additions or deletions from this form to the Contact Us page. 


Reverend Albert Serino is an ordained Minister Practitioner of the Good Vibe Tribe Holistic Ministry, a lifestyle and research ministry dedicated to holistic living, alternative healing, and indigenous education. Rev. Serino has been actively training and practicing Shamanic and Metaphysical Arts for over 7 years. His approach to healing and living revolves around indigenous as well as modern techniques that allows for one to find their personal power and live from their highest potential, balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. Other services include Shamanic, metaphysical, meditation workshops, Reiki treatments, Spiritual and Holistic living guidance. “The tribe welcomes any and all searching for healing, a confidant, knowledge, a connection or a place to be welcomed as they are. Together we will bring change to the world”

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Lt. Juan Quintero-Moreno is a Naval officer that took the initiative to help himself and others through the knowledge of leadership, nutrition, essential oils, and self-care. He has undergone many military trainings for leadership development, lead and organized divisions to meet mission readiness, and has been dedicated to the success of his young sailors. He is working to achieve his Masters in Science in Clinical Nutrition where he will use his education to help empower younger kids to formulate better lifestyles through diet and exercise habits. He has been through two 20-hour Flow and Grow Kids Yoga trainings to develop a mindset into teaching children how to use movement to express themselves in a safe environment through the art of yoga. Eventually he plans to develop a program called "Leadership in Movement" through Balanced by Oils Holistic Fellowship to emphasize the importance of self care and leadership development at a young age. You can join Juan's YoungLiving team today to get the best products to support your daily health and wellness needs by clicking here!!


Lara Hocheiser has worked with young children since her early teens. Her first experiences as a teen babysitting and working in a day-care planted the seed of love for youngsters and their development. After a few years of early childhood education Lara left teaching in the classroom to pursue yoga full time. She had initiated her yoga education during college with Kripalu trained Debbie Stevens (2004-2008.) She completed her 80 hour Viniyoga teacher training in 2010 with Mary Whidden, the 200 hour Four Pillars of Freedom Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in 2012 with Roman Szpond, the My First Yoga teacher training 2012 with Abbie Davies, Prenatal Yoga teacher training in 2013 with Bec Conant. Lara started teaching kids yoga in 2008. She created Flow & Grow kids yoga in 2012 and has led Rev. Wood and Lt Quintero-Moreno in over 40 hours of kids yoga philosophy and countless hours assisting and critiquing lesson planning and design for Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship! Lara believes in providing yoga where the children will be, in the schools and therapeutic settings and we hope to help her on this mission as we expand to offer kids Sprouting Tree Holistic Yoga!

Check our Lara's full offerings of workshops and teachings on her website and join her YoungLiving essential oils and holistic wellness team by clicking here!


Victoria Willoughby. "Through natural “Wholistic” means I hope to offer information on the tools I use to create a life that is healthy, wealthy and wise. Through the gifts of our Creator/God/Goddess/Universe (One Voice) or whatever other label resonates for you, I believe we each have the opportunity to take charge of our own lives and move forward from a place of cause, rather than waiting to see what effect life has as it happens around us.

My goal is to offer you a different perspective on the word Responsibility. Often its used as a term of blame or burden. . . It’s your responsibility to take care of it . . . It’s all my responsibility, whatever your feeling about the word is. To my mind, it means Response Ability, the ability to respond to what the world contains and offers at this time.

I wish to offer to share my “tool belt” that gives me much more ability to respond in the way I choose, the ability to respond to the demands of life." 

Vicki is our Head Reiki Master and guiding light for healing energy and serves as the roots for our Usui Reiki lineage bestowed upon Rev. Wood and many other healers in our network. Join Vicki on Facebook to follow her for daily light offerings and guidance 


Adam Greenberg. Adam is a fellow Holistic healer, Thai massage practitioner and climate change advocate and believes, "the climate, human rights, and peace are inextricably linked, and that climate change provides an unprecedented opportunity, and responsibility, to replace systems of oppression with systems that work for all people."

Adam has been a great leader in our ministry for showing Rev. Wood and fellow communicants how to work in political advocacy and join in ACTION for local, national and global events. By standing for the rights and path he believes in Adam is a leader for us all and we encourage anyone seeking to start or join-in political activism to follow him in ACTION! You can follow SustainUS on Facebook and hop over to their website for their most recent advocacy work!


Gerry Linendoll is our webmaster and the reason you have something to look at right now! After graduating from ITT Technical Institute with an Associates in Information Technology Gerry started doing web development projects for the needs of Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship. He is passionate about great code, continually adding to the skills at his disposal. He dedicates many hours to customizing every bit of this site and has great plans for future work too in developing an app and more learning features for you all. Aside from coding, Gerry slings the best pizza you have ever tasted, goes snowboarding and hiking and is always by his beautiful wife's side. Gerry is a great friend and asset to the BBO crew! Contact him for any web hosting or development needs!


For the Love of Lexi, Lexi was born with TAR syndrome. She is missing her radius bones in Both arms and her arms are half the length from the average person. Along with missing both radius bones causing Alexis to have limited range of motion, she also has a platelet problem where she can not clot her blood quickly. So a fall causes Alexis to have a platelet transfusion at the nearest hospital that is 50 miles away. Along with the many obstacles Alexis has on a daily basis, her dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011. He has had multiple brain surgeries along with radiation and chemo treatments to stall the growth. This page is dedicated to help raise donations for Alexis Cottone and all her medical needs.To help raise money Lexi's mom makes hats, scarves, hoods and even natural body products and sells them on her Facebook page. If you are looking for a fun gift or trendy new look for the winter you should check out her products! My nephew loves his Frankenstein hat from Lexis collection, share to support! 


Adirondack Natural Foods . ADK Natural foods is local whole food marketplace in South Glens Falls NY, run by Cheri Lawson featuring fresh, local and organic food including; grass fed beef,local pastured chicken,local milk ,yogurt and cheese, local produce, Raw local honey, bulk, gluten free as well as other specialty grocery, personal care and home items. Cheri is also a Young Living leader and holds supplies and resale items for many of the ministry's daily and monthly wellness needs. When looking for a quick fix for an ailment with an oil or even your monthly portions of grass fed beef and pasture raised eggs you can have confidence in the quality of products you'll get from them! Join them on Facebook or feel free to visit their website for contact info and store hours!

Located at: 63 Main Street South Glens Falls NY 12803 - 518-793-0321