The Chesapeake Bay. A very important body of water, is known historically all around the world. But what is often hidden in the shadow of this massive body of water, is a historic waterway, know as the Hampton Roads, This water way with a strange name was created in 1755 by the Virginia General Assembly. Hampton Roads was known as the official channel connecting the James river to the Elizabeth River to the Nansemond River with the Chesapeake Bay. The Intercoastal Waterway still to this day, allows for safe travel, protected from the highly unpredictable Atlantic Ocean. The area is treasure trove of numerous opportunities of exploration, experiencing nature in various forms. Take a minute to brush upon some local history, and view the landscape with humbling appreciation, as you travel the waterways. A wonderful example of this is The Great Dismal Swamp.

The sea touring kayak is an absolutely spiritual way to experience the beauty and lessons that nature has to offer. Below are some touring routes that may hopefully motivate you to get out there on the water. You will feel tranquility as you embark on one of these tours. On average conditions each of these tours should take roughly 5 hours depending on your speed and how much you explore.

Hope to see you out there on your next adventure!


Back Bay

Northwest River