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Admit One - 10 Class Yoga Punch Card

This card is valid for 10 1- hour yoga classes held Thursday evenings at Mystic Moon in Virginia Beach, VA 

Classes will focus on balancing the chakras and learning americas fastest growing self-care resource, yoga.


Why yoga? Yoga is known to calm the nervous system, strengthen and stretch the muscles as well as provide access to a spiritual path of connection with the self and nature, Body, mind spirit... WE ARE ONE. Practice today, your future self will thank you!

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Admit One - Quick Stop Special

Caught me out, lucky for you my hands travel and I hope you had a great session! Thanks for the donation for your Holistic Reflexology session! 

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Admit One - Reiki Level 1 Practitioner (Full)

This payment covers one Reiki Level 1 training from Rev. Wood. If choosing this option for a gift certificate for someone other than the individual making the payment please note this in the comments of the order. 

Products with this purchase include:

•Reiki Level 1 Course (20hrs) and Level 1 Attunement

•Reiki Level 1 Manual 

•Reiki Practitioner Toolbox

•Reiki Level 1  Certificate of Completion

•Lifetime Business Guidance from Rev. Wood

•Listing on Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship's Website and Healing Practitioner Database

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Admit One - Sprouting Tree Meet-Up

Donation for Yoga Teacher Meet-up Hosted at 258 Granby St Norfolk Ba


Weekly classes are continuing education for yoga teachers and yogis who wish to join in fellowship and the practice of yoga

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Admit One- Stress Management Workshop

Stop on in for relaxation training and education! Here at Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship we not only seek to guide you in the moment to feel your best with our Holistic servies, we also seek to educate you on your body and the resources you have to progress through daily life in a Holistic manner! When understanding that the modern culture and society we are born into is not that in which we naturally developed in, there are many areas of stress that we humans have to cope with on a daily basis.
By supplying resources, encouragement and guidance Rev. Wood will help you identify your current resources and strengths to begin developing an individualized Holistic path to stress free living. Tickets will be $25. Light refreshments will be served and a Stress Management Workshop Workbook will be included as well! We hope to see you learn to be stress free! 

Live healthy, get Balanced By Oils 

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Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

15ml Young Living Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

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Look good, feel good package

Featuring the signature Hairwax, Revitalizing Body scrub, Releasing Bath Soak and Daily Balancing lotion from our product line,  this discounted package gets you looking and feeling good on the daily 

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Relaxation and Release Collection

Need a night to yourself after a stressful day? Bring the Relaxation and Release collection with you to the tub! With the Releasing Bath Soak and Revitalizing Body Scrub you are sure to melt away stress and refresh yourself after sometime in the tub with these two!

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Upgraded Workshop Ticket

Welcome to the Ministry! Upgrade your workshop ticket to include a blend and a sample of our compassion honey with your workshop ticket!

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Winter Blues Buster

Health and Wellness RECHARGED! Use this Combo to bust through the winter ills and chills and keep yourself healthy through the holiday season!

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