ok but really, its somewhat of a plan and well I will technically be a master of a few different things in a few short months.  I am a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, and integrate energy work, reflexology, yoga and Thai massage into sessions I offer. I will be finishing my Kids yoga certification next month too, so we can work now with all communicants and clients on daily meditation and whatever adaptive yoga works for their state. I started working with children on the autism spectrum and people with disabilities at a young age as I had a few family friends with children that I played with who lived life on a different plane than most. I saw how their parents normalized life for them by just helping them live and I really became inspired to stick with this population. I lost a friend to a brain aneurism in 2nd grade and before she passed shed get terrible migraines and I would sit with her in school or after to try to help her feel better. I just liked helping people and from a young age I learned that doctors did that. It was my dream to be a doctor and fix people. Little did I know that I would be where I am at today, at the complete opposite end of the spectrum ... I trusted doctors and others to fix me and help me and I never got better. Told I had ADHD and all the other acronyms of disease when really I never knew what my body was and what it needed to feel ok and calm in most daily situations. The movie "Limitless"... yes that is the life I led when bouncing on the pharmacy train of fixers that I was taking to get through school and learn. This resulted in major physical and psychological changes and I was creating amazing work, research, papers out the wazoo and in no time at all. Yet the next day I knew nothing of what I did…


I have since lost the ability to learn and work like that and lost most of that information I had back then. I took this time to relearn about myself and in learning about the body hoped to learn how to teach people the basics. This we can call part A of the plan. I say if you know what you are and what your body needs you cannot consciously live and ignore deteriorating health when it comes. I took 2 years and relearned the body after stopping the standard paradigm and going holistic, incurred a brain injury from a random act of violence on new years eve in 2012 and really thought I had no chance to learn what I "used" to know. I re read papers I had wrote and they were foreign to me, I wouldn’t remember dates, numbers, times, I just felt like Id lost all hopes to accomplish the “fix” I sought to provide for people when they weren’t well. I found in this that teaching someone about their body is imperative to their spiritual and physical wellness and every person on this planet should have access to learning that if they choose, I don’t need to fix anyone, THEY need to. That leads to part B….


I hope to develop an online Holistic College for our Ministry, I have the site and structure developed here just looking for a way to get credentialing to have it grant continuing education credits for Health and Wellness Practitioners. As I have developed my course work for the Masters Program with New York Chiropractic College I have made a lay person and undergrad set of lectures, quizzes, videos and lesson plans that I expanded on from our course work and would hope to offer the lay person free to anyone seeking it as part of my charity work and belief that no on should be denied access to education about their body for any reason. I would hope that the payments from professionals will allow this program to sustain and let me travel to teach my stress management and holistic living workshops to people. I sustained the injury into my first semester of chiropractic school and just after my cousin committed suicide from depression meds just a few before that. I had wanted to move off the medication from undergrad and only felt safe to do after I was done with school. Let me tell you, that was a roller coaster and I just worked in the Emergency room for fulltime for the year instead of my breaks and holidays from school. I found inspiration in learning about myself and living to maintain homeostasis and wellness for the areas of my life I needed to physically and spiritually recover from to get back to where I was. In undergraduate school at Nazareth College I could draw and tell the mechanism for most biochemical reactions and all neurotransmitters, now after the injury I could hardly learn 3-5 muscles in a lab period and barely maintained 5 minutes of concentration. I had to fix myself, so I left the school inspired that if I could learn about my entire body I could support wellness in it and learn to teach more people how easy it was to be healthy and that was a much better mission than fixing people.


I also feel that doctors and others would love to learn the holistic nature and wellness from a perspective that some of their clients will seek in the changing era of how most people see medicine and I can offer this as well to them within the structure of continuing education credits. I feel that physicians and practitioners would be interested to learn at least the basics of energy medicine, reiki, reflexology and color therapy to be prepared when they have clients who need integrative care. If Im missing an arm after a farming accident don’t go throwing lavender oil and crystals at me, get me to the emergency room; however if I have a stuffy nose couldn’t you suggest 3-4 tea blends, a few self lymphatic drainage maneuvers and a yoga pose or two? NO? Well great because that’s how we keep the ministry running right now ;) People seek the security of an MD, DC, DO, PT, LMT, etc now days yet will resist if they don’t want a medication or specific things done. This will surely help many patients find more resources when looking to maintain wellness under the care of a medical professional, in my opinion, as they now feel educated in these areas or now might even understand what that is when you’re telling them about your other care you are undergoing for your overall wellness goals.


So… the daily now is a small apartment, little backyard garden, pictures to follow, 3-5 clients, some on the autism spectrum or with developmental disease, some just needing someone to oversee daily care with.  We do everything from Yoga, Reiki and meditation to nutrition, essential oil therapy and teaching daily living skills. We also have 3 elderly clients with end stage diseases that we cultivate daily life goals and wellness with in their own homes.  I have found many of these patients/parents are not offered the education to support the wellness their children need and we would like to be able to make them secure in this information by providing the credentialing as an instructor of the human form. We currently provide a monthly workshop to communicants to show how Holistic Living backed with a solid anatomy education can have a serious impact in your life. I have developed special devices and programming for some of my students that have shown serious progress so I would like to keep working in developing education to both secure my knowledge and find ways to help people help themselves and others with health and wellness. As well we have plans for a retreat but need to make financial space in the budget to make this happen. We just recently gained our 501C status and are excited to open the doors to funding to make our dreams come true. I currently bartend, bit of a passion inspired by my late cousin that did some cool work in the Vegas scenes, but I would hope to replace that time with weekly work in the lab and classroom teaching to keep up to date and continue to share and inspire others to learn about the body they spend all, yet so little of the time really “in”. I say if you occupy the body and you free the mind; its hard to be depressed while doing a handstand or even laughing at the thought of learning to do one… Thanks for the support! As always, share in love and light with all that may need us. We need a movement, we need change. Live healthy, and get Balanced By Oils


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