With the growing rates of suicide and depression, use of drugs and prescriptions and growing rate that we simply have to deal with miserable people on a daily basis, a thought was born; why are we waiting until stress and disease take over our life and dampen our physical health and spirit before we start empowering ourselves to regain peace? When looking into all of the reasons of why we stress and how it is that we experience these stressors in our physical and mental environment, Balanced By Oils Holistic Fellowship has developed a stress management workshop to be brought to you! Rather than the traditional educational lectures that most present, this workshop will educate, comfort and empower individuals on how to manage stress and potentially live a life of ease! By leading an informative section on how it is we experience stress and how to find our stressors  the depth of stress may be understood. Then as you find your current stress management skills and analyze their benefits and risks, we help you develop a plan to be stress free. Feel like you are lacking skills?  No worries, the last half of the presentation is focused to demonstrating and guiding stress management techniques that allow one to leave this experience with tools on how to manage stress and get through the tough times, holistically. Below is one of the handouts that comes with the presentation and shows a way you can manage stress right at your desk with as little as 5 minutes a day! If you wish to host a workshop or gain more information please feel free to leave a message on the Contact Us page so we may book your plan to be...stress free!

Desktop Yoga Handout


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